Please Pray For Pastor Randy!

On Saturday, September 12, 2020; Pastor Randy had a medical issue in which he had to go to the Emergency Room. This issue left him with 4 broken ribs, in 2 different places. Bleeding in the brain which has stopped. He has returned home, but this has left with a tremendous amount of pain. He’s unable to get into a standing or sitting position without assistance. He’s also been restricted from driving for 6 months. Of course, please continue to pray for a miracle of healing. Pray both he and Kathy are able to get good rest at night. Pray the Lord gives them the grace for each day. Pray the Lord might bless them with some different furniture (adjustable bed, recliner). Pray the Lord gives Kathy the strength to go through helping Pastor Randy each day. We will send along updates as I get more information. Thank you.